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The laboratories

The internal laboratories has a dual function of customer service and regular monitoring of processing and cycles, in order to obtain a daily evaluation of plants and detect anomalies.

ALFA OSSIDAZIONE Inc. researchers offer our clients a precious metallographic consultancy and failure analysis exams like:

  1. Anodic Oxide width determination according to induced electricity model (of Foucault) ISO 2360;
  2. Anodic Oxide width determination according to destructive model ISO 1463;
  3. Determination of Vickers hardness of anodic oxide layers ISO 4616;
  4. Macro and microstructural studies of the Thermic and Thermochemical Treatment Cycles;
  5. Image analysis to evaluate and calculate dimensions of crystalline grains;
  6. Carbide shape, dimension and distribution;
  7. Non-destructive controls;
  8. Effective hardening profiles.