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The anodic oxidation or aluminium anodization is a non-spontaneous electrochemical process that modifies the mechanical characteristics of an artefact through the superficial transformation of aluminium in Al2O3 aluminium oxide (alumina or corundum).
The treatment requires the immersion of the acid electrolyte of the artefact connected to special connection in a league of titanium, which allows the electricity flow and the subsequent transformation. The aluminium anodization process fall into two macro categories:

Anodic Oxidation or natural anodization that provides the aluminium with the characteristics of resistance to natural elements’ corrosion;
Anodic Oxidation or hard oxidation that provides the aluminium with a higher resistance to corrosion, but also layer of superficial oxide with a significant ability to resist wear and tear, especially on a high water hardness.

The anodic oxidation or anodization uses chemical substances that are eco sustainable and follows he regulation UNI EN 14392 for food contact utilization.
The Alfa Ossidazione Inc.’s core business has been that of the anodic oxidation, which has been lately completed with a larger line of treatments listed below: