We offer a complete line of anodic oxidation processes to satisfy all of your needs.

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Discover our thermic treatment line; improve your product even more with our know-how.
Rendi ancora migliore il tuo prodotto tramite il nostro know-how.

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The adoption of Quality System allows a regular standards’ improvement to guarantee an improved product quality and customer service.

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The anodic oxidation or aluminium anodization is a non-spontaneous electrochemical process that modifies
the mechanical characteristics of an artefact through the superficial transformation
of aluminium in Al2O3 aluminium oxide (alumina or corundum).

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In general, thermic treatment includes a series of heating operation,
single or consecutives always operating under the same fusion temperature,
followed by a certain resting period and a following cooling process of different length.

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The qualitative standards of machinery and plants used by companies offering certain services, such as the ones offered by Alfa Ossidazione Inc., must always be kept high. In a fast paced technological environment that yearly releases improvements in terms of consumes, quality, manufacturing times and (last but not least) eco sustainability, Alfa Ossidazione Inc. aims to invest on a yearly basis on its production, logistics and quality standards.

Anodizing division

  • Anodizing plant 1
  • Anodizing plant 2


Heat treatments Division

  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Chamber Furnaces
  • Nitriding Furnaces
  • Nitrocarburizing Furnaces
  • Tempering Furnaces
  • Annealing Furnaces



The adoption of Quality System allows a regular standards’ improvement to guarantee an improved product quality and customer service.





Alfa Ossidazione Inc. is a cofounder of the TEAMWORK Project, which is a confederation of Lombardy-based companies working synergistically to supply the foreign market.

About us

Alfa Ossidazione Inc. has been working on the field of anodic oxidation since 1986, anticipating new industry needs in the principal sectors.

In 1996, after the first expansion, Anodizing Division is created to work on the new anodization line, as well as a Heat Treatment Division

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Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ need in a rapid, thorough and quality based manner through the continued technological innovation, the shared knowledge of industry experts from different backgrounds. By doing so, we strive for excellence and work stability for all. 

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